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Leader Spotlight: Josh Hix, CEO & Co-Founder, Season Health


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  • AI ROUNDUP: Neuralink's animal experiments under FDA fire

  • INDUSTRY ROUNDUP: Biden Administration calls for greater access to overdose antidote

  • WELLNESS BYTES: Your brain on junk food

  • INSIGHTS CORNER: Spotlight: Josh Hix, CEO & Co-Founder, Season Health

  • TRIVIA: Which pilot project launched by the White House aims to widen access to AI research tools like computing power and data?


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What motivated you to start Season Health, and how did you recognize the necessity for a platform that integrates food as a form of medicine in managing chronic illnesses?

I spent 8 years building a national scale food company called Plated. During that time, we heard all kinds of stories from customers about how they were getting "accidentally" healthier by subscribing to our service. After spending some time with a health plan and learning how they thought about Population Health, I realized that both clinical care and a broad marketplace of food is the only way to scale Food-as-Medicine.

In what ways does AI contribute to tailoring meal plans according to the changing dietary needs and preferences of Season Health's clientele?

If you think about it, food selection is a perfect application for AI. Taking into account your clinical nutrition needs, and overlaying the complex and dynamic preferences that a household has (and you do need to solve for the full household because food is social) creates a large volume of parameters. Those need to be iteratively run against the nutritional profile of a large volume of options in order to create the personalized set of options for each patient. In addition, these plans can be updated in real-time to respond to changing conditions - whether that's a sick family member or a parent running late from work.

How does Season Health address the issue of its users not fully utilizing health benefits, and what strategies are implemented to streamline access and maximize the utilization of available nutrition services?

We deploy a number of strategies across various kinds of benefits, both public and private, and help patients enroll in and use benefits they should have access to. Some of these approaches are fully automated in software, others require a human touch.

In what ways does Season Health consider the Social Determinants of Health, such as access to healthy food and socioeconomic status, in personalizing meal plans and nutrition services to better address the diverse needs of its users?

In short: This is exactly what we do! Taking into account a patient's preferences (both cultural and individual), along with budget, lifestyle and other factors to tailor the food recommendations, is what we've built our platform to do. Many people are surprised to find that many of the simplest, best recipe options are also low cost by virtue of being just a few ingredients.

Looking ahead, how does Season Health envision its impact on reshaping healthcare and societal views on nutrition and chronic disease management in the coming years?

We're optimistic that the opportunity finally exists, because of the shifts in both Telehealth and digital food ordering, to bend the curve of chronic disease burden in the coming years.

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More on Josh Hix

Josh is co-founder and CEO of Season Health, the only integrated Food-as-Medicine Platform that enables people to eat well and live well. By combining evidence-based clinical care with access to affordable medically-tailored meals and groceries, Season empowers individuals and their families to make informed, sustainable choices, measurably improving both health outcomes and quality of life. Josh is also co-founder and former CEO of Plated, which shipped millions of meals to over 95% of the United States before being acquired by Albertsons grocery brands in 2017. He has a lifelong interest in health and nutrition. Josh received his MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech.


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Which pilot project launched by the White House aims to widen access to AI research tools like computing power and data?

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